RSPCA NSW unable to accept surrendered or stray felines for one month due to vaccine shortage

The RSPCA has warned shelters across NSW will be unable to take stray or surrendered cats over the next month due to a nationwide core feline vaccine shortage.

Over the next four weeks all sites across the state, except for the Blue Mountains and Illawarra shelters, will be temporarily unable to accept new cats.

RSPCA NSW said the measure was essential to protect the wellbeing of animals that were already placed in its shelters.

“Core feline vaccinations play a pivotal role in safeguarding cats from not only cat flu, but also the fatal feline panleukopenia virus,” RSPCA NSW Chief Veterinarian Dr Liz Arnott said.

“Although feline panleukopenia is rarely encountered in pet cats and flu symptoms are typically manageable, they are much more commonly seen in a shelter environment and can have dire consequences.

RSPCA NSW has stringent vaccination protocols for every incoming cat as illnesses can spread rapidly in shelters, resulting in large-scale mortality.

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